Sunday, February 8, 2009

Do You Fondue and a Give Away

DH and I had beef fondue for dinner tonight. You'll have to ignore the miscellaneous items on the table as we are in the middle of a home improvement project and have stuff everywhere. Anyway, we had Beef Fondue, crispy Cole Slaw and Squash with Gorgonzola and Maple Syrup, another wonderful recipe from Closet Cooking. The meal was wonderful and well deserved.
Here was the focus of our home improvement project this week - our living room. We hated the color it was. We called it something you would find in a baby's diaper. The gray swatch was one color we thought of using on it. The gray is going to be used on another accent wall and the stairwell going up the stairs.
This is the color of the room now - Warm Sienna #1203 from Benjamin Moore. My DH has a great eye for picking out paint colors. When this paint is wet is looks very girly dark rose and dries to this wonderful deep rusty red. This is the fourth and last room we have to paint, other than the stair well. The only other remaining painting is all the white trim and wainscotting in the house. We decided we wouldn't do any of that painting until all of the rooms were done.
And now, on to the Give Away. It will be one-year next Saturday, Valentine's Day, that we bought and moved into our condo. In honor of the big day, I'm having a Give Away. Leave me a comment about your most favorite room of your house is and why you like it. If your name is drawn I will put together a goodie package to help you enjoy that room even more. If you'd like an extra entry in the drawing, please link to this post. I will take names until Valentine's Day and announce the winner on Sunday morning.

I'm also doing a similar give away on my Coffee Time Stitches blog. You can feel free to enter in that drawing too.

Happy Cooking and Home Owning!
Sweet P


Leah S said...

My favorite room is my quilting room - for obvious reasons. ;) Plus, my computer is in that room!

I know if I had a nicer kitchen, it'd probably become my favorite room.

Denise in PA said...

Besides my quilting rooms, my favorite room is our kitchen. We've recently remodeled and DH created a wonderful glass mosaic for the entire backsplash - 7 different scenes from Van Gogh paintings. I love it.

Karen said...

As much as I love my quilt room, it rather small. I love my kitchen. It's due for a re-do (new cabinets) but need to get DD thru college 1st.
I love how big it is and the light it gets. Will be even better when the new sliding glass doors are installed!

Joanna said...

Hmmmm I, too, love my kitchen, but right now my fav room is my bedroom. I love nothing better than to put the kids to bed, and have hubby and I snuggle up and watch a movie, and sometimes I will just sit on the bed and fold laundry and watch American Idol!! Yes I am weird - I love to fold laundry:)

Kim said...

I love that new color.
My favorite room- is the actually the garage where my frame is. Add ipod and I'm in heaven

Anita said...

I love the new paint colour, it is stunning!
My favourite room at the moment is my bedroom. It needs redecorating and is often a mess as we have no spare rooms and everything gets dumped in there, but I can go in there and shut the door and lie on my bed and have some peace!And all my fabric is stored in this room also, so that makes it even better LOL

Kay said...

It's a toss up for me. I just love my house! If I have to pick one room, I guess it's my kitchen. It's big and cozy but needs a few more cupboards and more counter space. I love that both my enclosed porches open on to it and I am just steps from outside.

BTW, the new color looks even better in the daylight on my computer.

Tasha said...

My favorite room right now is the bedroom cause i can lay on the bed and strech out as much as i want. Though in 68 days my favorite room will be baby's room