Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanksgiving On Tuesday

This week's chicken recipe was submitted by Bobbie Bentneedle. She sent a recipe for Thanksgiving Dinner in One Pan.

We enjoyed it. It was easy to make and filled the house with a wonderful aroma. Next time I make it I will season the chicken with salt and pepper and perhaps skip the cheese. We didn't even taste the cheese. I also mixed the stuffing mix with melted butter before putting it on top of the chicken. That helped keep the stuffing moist while it was baking.
Our beverage for this evening was Strawberry Lemonade.
It was super yummy and refreshing.
Too bad our weather hasn't been summer-like so we could enjoy it on a hot day.
Bonnie, send me your snail mail address and I'll send your goodie on it's way.

Next week I'm taking a break from Chicken on Tuesday as we will be on vacation. The contest will resume on July 14th. Keep sending in your chicken recipes.

Sweet P

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Carol VR said...

Perhaps you'll get so many recipes you'll have to eat them twice to three times a week.

I love chicken... so keep them a coming.