Saturday, December 27, 2008

Present for Coffee Time At Home

My MIL likes to give you what you ask for on Christmas day. I had told her a few weeks ago I wanted a stand mixer. I have a hand mixer, but a stand mixer would make cooking and baking more fun.

She bought me a Sunbeam Heritage Stand Mixer just like this one.
Now my question is: what should be the first item I make with it? I'm looking for suggestions. What's your favorite recipe to make that needs a stand mixer?

Sweet P


Sarah said...

I got a KA stand mixer last year for Christmas and they first recipe I made with it was chocolate chip cookies. Not too out there, I know, but it was a great, tried and true recipe. That is what I suggest...a tried and true recipe.

Denise in PA said...

What a great gift - you will love having a stand mixer! I make lots of things with mine but one of my favorite things is that you can whip cream in a jiffy!

Libby said...

Something - anything - with whipped cream or merangue. Enjoy!