Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New England Ice Storm

Hello from New Hampshire! Coffee Time at Home is still home, but the last two weeks have been a blur. Last Thursday night/Friday morning an ice storm came through the state.

Sometime during Thursday night we lost power to half of the house. Of course it was the half with the boiler so we had no heat. DS #2 called me and asked if he and DIL could come over because they had no electricity. Of course I said yes.

When I looked out my kitchen window this is the view I saw. Ice, everywhere ice.
This a close-up black and white photo of one of the trees in the backyard.
Here is the grass in the front yard. I really like this photo, but the ice was dangerous. At the height of the storm there were over 400,000 homes and businesses without power.
Thankfully our power was fully restored on Sunday morning. Some people are not so lucky and are still without power and could be for another week. What an awful event to happen so close to the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays, I haven't taken out any Christmas decorations. Maybe this weekend I'll get a chance to do a little holiday decorating. Since we celebrate Christmas at the in-laws we seldom do a lot of decorating in our own home. Next year will be different since the new grandchild will be here!

Happy Holidays to everyone!
Sweet P


Sarah said...

it is such a shame that ice is so gorgeous since it is also such a pain to deal with! your pictures make me miss home!

Doodlebug Gail said...

While that ice is beautiful to look at it is so dangerous. Keep safe and I'm glad that you have power. Take care.

Libby said...

Had you on my mind when the storm reports were coming through - glad to know you made it through well . . . if a little chilly *s*

Juliann in WA said...

Oh dear - hope you are warming up on the inside at least.

DebMc said...

Ice is not nice. My least favorite weather event. I'm glad you have power. At least it is good quilting weather.