Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kitchen/Dining/Office Area is Done!

Thanks for all the compliments on the bathroom. We are very happy with the way it turned out.

Here are the photos of our kitchen/dining/office area that we painted over the weekend. I'm very happy with the color we chose. The first view is the sink and counter area you see when you walk into room. Yes, that is a teddy bear on the counter. He needs to go on top of the cupboard. I also made the Coffee Time mosaic back splash for our other apartment and still use it here.
For lack of a better phrase, I call this the appliance wall. It is to your left as you are looking at the sink. You can also see the kitchen island in the lower part of the photo. The island is where do all of my food prep.
This is our bistro height dinner table. We have six stools to go around it, but since there is only two of us most of the time we keep the other stools downstairs (which is the door on the right). There is a story behind this table. Six years ago we moved into a rental that had a large kitchen with the stove and fridge at one end and the sink and cupboards at the other end and a wide open space in the middle. I wanted a kitchen island for the space and went shopping for one. I went to Abode (see post below) when it was still Pier 1 and saw this table on display. It was marked down to $150 from $350. I couldn't figure out why. It was sturdy. The butterfly leaves worked (it expands to 54 inches by 54 inches). I asked the sales woman why it was marked down. She told me it came with the wrong sized legs. It is supposed to be a normal height dining room table. I said it was perfect for what I wanted and took it. It was, and is, one of my best shopping finds.
Fast forward to this past weekend. We needed a desk. Off we went shopping. We ended up at Abode. After walking around the store a few times, DH finally spied this desk. Guess what? It's from the same furniture line as our dining room table! Six years later and the company is still making the same furniture. It is a perfect match to the dining room table. We learned the manufacturer grows all their rubber trees on their own plantation in Thailand. We were being green with the dinner table and didn't even know it!
This is the chair we purchased. The chair was the most expensive item of the day. It is gorgeous and comfy and I love it. It's nice enough we can bring it into the living room to use as extra seating for company. I'm even thinking of buying one more.
Here's a close-up of the material. Kind of looks like alligator, but I doubt it's real.
We still need to think about the art work for the room. I'm thinking we should hang our Napa Valley framed map and the signed menus we've collected over the years. Once that is done we'll be moving on to the next room.

Are you still decluttering? I haven't done anything yet this week. But I have box of desk supplies and office items I need to clean out to see what can be used in the office area. Stay tuned!
Sweet P


One Christian Mom said...

Your kitchen is gorgeous. It seems with 5 living in one house, you are in a constant state of de-cluttering!

Candace said...

Everything looks beautiful so far. I got a little organizing done in my sewing room today, but nothing I could really take pictures of.

Bren said...

I just love that color!! Your kitchen is beautiful...we are alike in the cleaned off counter area!
The chair is beautiful.
I have not done any decluttering this week, but plan to do some today. We keep games and puzzles in the coat closet. These will get moved and the coat closet will get decluttered.

Paula said...

I really like the color of your walls with the dark wood furniture. Looks really nice!
We have a rubberwood dining room table and chairs also. It's a very pretty wood.