Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone makes a cooking mistake now and then. The one I made on Sunday was a doozy. I wanted to make a Chocolate Stout cake for DH. For some unexplainable reason I decided to use an 8" square pan instead of a larger one.

This is what happens to the oven when there is too much batter in the pan.
Trust me it looks better in the photo than it did in person.
This is what the cake looked like. There was a 2 inch dip in the middle of the cake. To top it off when we did cut it open it wasn't completely cooked. So it went into the trash.
I'm hoping the dessert, whatever I decide it will be, will turn out this weekend.

What cooking mistakes have you made?
Sweet P


Libby said...

The one that quickly comes to mind is a batch of cookies that almost went wrong. I was in Jr. High, got permission from Mom and dove right in. I never read the recipe through to the end *oops* I just got a bowl and started putting in ingredients beginning with the first on the list. It wasn't long before I had a huge mess on my hands. In the end, I got the dough to come together and the cookies tasted good. But I sure did learn that you must read your recipe from start to finish before you think about starting.

DebMc said...

I 'accidentally' used Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk instead of plain of condensed milk in a Mexican casserole. Yuck. Even the dog wouldn't eat it. lol

My sis in law has a marvelous Sour Cream Coffee Cake recipe. When I make it, it never cooks all the way through. We just dump in on a plate and eat it anyway. Now, we call it 'dump' cake. GRIN

snickerdoodle said...

I adore your polka dots!!! Such a great background. As for my cute plates, they came as a set with 4 different drawings...I'll check what they say and respond on Snicks for you. best!