Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sports Fleece and Breakfast for Dinner

Not much has been happening around Coffee Time at Home. I've been spending time getting ready for the baby shower for DIL next week. That means a lot of cleaning and organizing and some painting.

In the first few months I was working at Jo-Ann I purchased three pieces of sports fleece: Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics. Until last Friday they were just floating around our bedroom. That's when I decided to sew them together. The final piece is longer than our comforter, but not quite as wide. It just fits across the top of the bed. It adds a nice touch of our sports life in the room.

Do you eat breakfast food at dinner? I like to eat quiche. My grocery store sells a half-sized quiche and when DH is traveling it's one of my favorite meals. Another breakfast meal I like is Jimmy Deans breakfast bowls. Tonight I'm thinking of making pancakes and bacon. What's your favorite breakfast food to eat for dinner?

Sweet P


Nancy said...

I love breakfast for dinner!! We have scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, bacon and sausage gravy over biscuits. YUMMY!! I might have to do that Friday night...

Kay said...

Girl, you were peeking in our window tonight. ;o)
We had sausage patties; a new version of our favorite waffles, made with 1/2c. oat flour (oatmeal buzzed in the mini food processor) and fresh pears. Dh ate his like you normally would, but I made mine into a carameled ginger-cinnamon pear topping for mine. YUMMY!

We normally have B4D on Tuesday evenings. One of F-R's favorite things.

Karen said...

We like French toast or eggs and bacon, usually for Sunday supper.