Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dessert and Home Upgrades

It's been a couple of busy days in the Coffee Time home. Yesterday was pick-up dry cleaning day so I combined the trip with a visit to Target to find 4 1/2 inch tart pans. I have mini quiches on the menu for breakfast tomorrow and didn't have the right size pans. We would never eat a whole quiche so mini quiches it will be for breakfast. I couldn't find tart pans, but I did find cake pans that should work just fine. I also found this cute little tin filled with candy. I'm addicted to collecting unusual containers and I couldn't pass this up for only one dollar.
And what does one do with a mini cake pans and candy buttons? Why, make a mini cake, of course. The yellow cake recipe was on the back of the pan packaging. I only used the pink candy buttons as the rest of the buttons looked a little funky. Next time I make the cake I'm going to try to make it chocolate. This size is perfect for DH and I. There will be no waste of this cake.
Today our handyman came over to finish two jobs for us. First up was a cabinet in the bathroom. Can you believe there is no linen closet in this condo? How can you build a condo, a house or an apartment without a linen closet? The developer who built this complex is building several other complexes in Dover. All of them are essentially the same layout and none of them have linen closets. You would think after building the same plans for over four years someone would have told him to include a linen closet. We looked at his newest complex before we looked at this place and I didn't even notice no linen closet.

Anyway, here is our solution to a linen closet. This cabinet will hold our towels and some of our lesser used toiletries. We put a towel hook next to the shower and a hand towel bar next to the sink. The only thing left for the bathroom is to paint it. Right now the walls above the beadboard are a light yellow. We're going to take the yellow a couple shades deeper. The photo does the color no justice. The walls are all the same color right now.
DH and I bought our bedroom set at a consignment shop eight years ago. The set is made from cherry and walnut and consists of two nightstands, a tall dresser and this dresser and mirror. In all that time we have never hung the mirror. We finally did it today. Now I just need to clean the mirror and put the items back on the dresser.
How is your decluttering coming along? Have you picked out your next space to declutter? I have. I'm going to do some rearranging and decluttering in my kitchen to set up my coffee better. Check back on Monday for show and tell.

Remember to send me photos of your decluttering so you can be entered into the drawing. I'll be having the first drawing on Friday, August 29th.

Until then, enjoy life!
Sweet P


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Sign me up for the declutter...finally figured out how to do links...and I posted my first pic. thanks.

Libby said...

What a cutie little cake . . . and such a great size. The problem here is if there's cake - we eat it. I just may have to run over to Target and look for those smaller pans *s*