Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday Declutter Update

Sunday night about 8 pm I got the urge to declutter a few more drawers in my kitchen. Lord know why, since there was a Red Sox/Yankees game on TV. But when the urge strikes, I must obey.

There are three drawers on the right side of the dishwasher that are out of the flow of 90% of cooking and doing the dishes. The only other appliance in this part of the kitchen is the coffee maker. The cupboard above the dishwasher holds our every day dishes. When we moved in these drawers became a leftover junk drawer and plastics containers. One day last weekend DH got up before me. When I got up that morning he told me it took him 15 minutes to find the coffee beans because they weren't by the coffee machine. Duh, I realized I was keeping the coffee at the other end of the counter, no where near the coffee machine. Not very efficient. I came up with a plan to move the coffee and declutter these drawers at the same time.

Here's the top drawer before. It was a mish mash of odds and ends - some tools, the apple slicer, manuals, candy and some junk.
Here's the middle drawer - a total mish mash of plastic containers and covers.
Drawer #3 - also a mish mash of containers and even potholders.
Here is the top drawer after cleaning. I left my tea spoons and coffee brush in it, along with small plastic containers, the apple slicer and a couple of other odds and ends. When I was cleaning it out I found my garlic masher I had forgotten I had and put that in my tool drawer. I know I will use it. I put all the tools in the tool box.
The middle drawer became my coffee drawer. I have my coffee delivered once every 8 weeks. It is fresh roasted coffee beans that are roasted the day before they are sent. Now when I make coffee all I have to do is reach down and grab a bag. DH was happy with this move!
Here is what remains of the the plastic containers and is in drawer #3. All of the butter and cream cheese containers went into the recycle bin. Any single container or cover without match went into the bin as well. What was left is containers with a covers.
On a not so decluttering note: when we working in the bathroom this past weekend I found 7, yes count them, 7 bottles of new shampoo. In the last few months I've tried to buy conditioner and every time I grabbed a bottle and came home with it I saw it was a shampoo. I'm feeling a little cursed by shampoo bottles right now.

I also bought three new kitchen tools last week: a pizza cutter, a set of whisks (my whisk broke last week) and a pair of tongs. I've already used all three of them so I know they won't end in the junk box. Speaking of the junk box - nothing came out of it last.

Be sure to check out what other people are decluttering in their homes. Let me know when you post about your decluttering project so you can be entered in the drawing!
  • Colleen did some organizing in her kitchen! Way to go, Colleen! I like the idea of all the covers in a basket.
  • Bren took decluttering from a drawer to her whole kitchen! She's written a wonderful post about cleaning her kitchen. Be sure to check it out! She also cleaned up her bookcase.
Until next time - happy homemaking!
Sweet P

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One Christian Mom said...

I decluttered my living room today. It became overcome with toys. Toys, toys everywhere! But now, they are all in their bins, either in the living room, or in the children's rooms. I was happy with the result. Now, if they play with a toy, or toys as is usually the case, there is a place to put them when they are done! I have actually been trying to declutter my house room by room, you can see the progress on my blog (you probably did already :-)