Friday, November 21, 2008

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

This is what my dining room looks like right now. Two of my tote bags on chairs instead of being put away. My coat on the chair instead of hung up. Hangers ready to go back to the dry cleaners. Assorted junk mail, DH's laptop case and a blooming cactus on the table. This table does not say I'm ready for Thanksgiving.

I'm more ready than it looks. My grocery list is ready for the store tomorrow. I'm keeping the menu traditional: turkey with all the trimmings and ham for DS #2 who doesn't care for the bird. There will only be six of us for dinner: DH and I, DS #2 and DIL, DS #3 and GF. Nice and simple. Just the way I need it right now.

Our trip to Mohegan Sun and Mystic, CT was fun last weekend. On the way down DH suggested we visit IKEA. I'm always up for a trip to IKEA. I found this cool floor mat for wooden floors and it now resides under my chair and desk. We also purchased a track lighting unit for my studio. I can't wait to get it installed.
While DH played poker at Mohegan Sun, I went shopping. There is a Lush store in the casino complex and I love Lush. When I walked into the store I was told for every $50 I spent I could get a $20 gift for free. I chose a couple of Christmas presents and some items for DH and I to share. My total was $109 so I got a Happy Gift Set for me. I suppose you're wondering what I got to share with DH - well, I bought a couple of massage bars. And they are wonderful! If you have a Lush store near you I highly recommend a visit. It's a great store.

Tonight DH and I are having a stay-at-home date night: dinner, a movie and then . . .

What are you doing this weekend? More importantly, are you ready for Thanksgiving?
Sweet P


Pam said...

and then.... ??? hmmmm...


Libby said...

Prepped my list this morning - now to get to the store *s*

Treasa said...

A friend and I are going to Mystic for our birthdays next summer.Are there any must see quilt shops in the area?