Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What Kind of Tree is This and Hotel Man

Can someone tell me what kind of tree/bush this is? It is next to our mailbox. It caught my eye the other day because all of the leaves are gone, but these beautiful berries are still on the tree.
I'm sure the berries are not edible by humans. They are surely beautiful.
On Monday morning DH headed to Europe again, London this time. For some reason he asked me to take a photo of him before he left. Here he is with his luggage, ready to leave. Excuse the gray splotch on the wall. We are still testing colors for our entry area.
I miss him! He'll be home next Tuesday night. We are going out for dinner on Wednesday night. Next week is Restaurant Week in Portsmouth. Our favorite restaurant, Ristorante Massimo, is part of the celebration. I can't wait for our dinner!

What's happening around your home?
Sweet P


Kim said...

hubby looks sad to be leaving again.
My hubby says the tree is a weeping crab apple :)

Kitty said...

Love that tree--I just saw one like it yesterday at an open house accross the street from my DD's. I think it will look great in the winter if the fruit stays on it.