Wednesday, June 18, 2008


While surfing blogs yesterday I came across Confessions of an Apron Queen. What a neat blog! I got caught up in reading it and before I knew it a whole hour had passed. She also has a site where she sells vintage items: Rick Rack Attack. I could spend a lot of money shopping there, but I don't think DH would appreciate it right now. Although I do have my sights set on this apron. Maybe I'll wait until payday later this week to buy it.

Do you wear an apron when you cook? I confess I never used to wear one. I remember my grandma wore aprons all the time. I vaguely remember a red and white gingham apron with chicken scratch embroidery on it she used to wear. I wish I would have been smart enough to take it when she went into the nursing home years ago.

Aprons are making a comeback. When I had some friends over for a sewing day in March I couldn't decide what I wanted to work on. After spending an hour digging around my sewing room I decided to make myself an apron. I used a pattern I received when I bought fabric from Fabric Depot. Here I am with my teapot apron getting ready to make cookies for the ladies.

One of my on-line groups had an apron swap earlier this spring. Here's the apron I got in the swap. Lots and lots of coffee fabric just for me.

I confess I still don't always wear an apron, but I'm working hard on remembering to put one of them on. Someday it will become a habit to put one on when I step into the kitchen to cook.

Do you have aprons to share?


Denise in PA said...

Love the apron! I never wear aprons either (and am an avid cook). But with all the great fabrics and renewed interest in them, I just might make myself some! I love your new blog (and still love the quilting one too!)

Stacey's Treasures said...

I do wear an apron & have been made fun of in the past because of it. I wear the kind that ties up around your neck. I'm a messy cook & don't want to change cloth's everytime I cook something!

Bren said...

I prefer 1/2 aprons, but I sure have my eye on the blue polka dot one at Rick Rack Attack!! It is full but I love it.

The Apron Queen said...

Your button is correctly placed & linked! Thank you! Send me an e-mail at jmlsdi3 at yahoo dot com with your BLOG NAME and mailing address to receive your vintage apron!

Candace said...

I haven't been one to wear aprons, although my mother and grandmother did. When my mother closed up housekeeping to move in with me, I kept one of her aprons. I haven't worn it yet, but I am so apt to spot myself, that I should. I think that I keep the stain sticks in business. I have seen lots of apron lovers on the blogs, and some are so cute, I may give it a try.