Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Laundry Day and Tackle It Tuesday

Model E or Master Wringer Washer from MaytagClub.com

Tuesday is my laundry day. With only two of us in the house I usually have three small loads of clothes. It also helps that nearly all of DH's work wardrobe is dry cleaned. Anyway, did you ever have a wringer washer like the one above? We didn't. But my grandma who lived across the street from us did. I remember going to her house on Tuesday mornings so I could help her and grandpa do the laundry. She always warned me about not getting my fingers caught in the wringer and to make sure all the buttons were folded inside the garment so they didn't break in the wringer. Once the clothes were washed and rinsed, they were hung out on the clothesline.

We live in a condo complex and we can't have a clothesline. Maybe someday clotheslines will be allowed everywhere again. If I could have one, I would use it!

As I have said before we moved into our condo four months ago. Just like every other homeowner we have a list of "To Do Projects". We haven't even started working on ours. We have hired a handyman to come and tackle some of our remodeling projects while we are on vacation in two weeks. This means I have some prep work to do for him. Without further ado, I'm adding Tackle it Tuesday to my household task list. I want to thank Bren at Pieces From Me for inspiring me to take on Tackle it Tuesday.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Here is my first Tackle it Tuesday project. This is the closet/pantry in our kitchen. I hate it. It's hard to get to the shelves because the doors open in front of them. The shelves are too tall so there is not nearly enough shelf space for everything that goes in a pantry. I don't think the builder put any thought into the closet when it was put in. Our handyman is going to build me a new pantry with better shelves and storage space for brooms and the mop. My job is to clean it out and get the walls painted before he starts construction.

I got the shelves cleaned off. I knew there were two screws on the top shelf that hold the shelves to the wall. I thought if I could out those screws the shelves could be moved. Well, I was wrong. I got the shelves cleaned out and the screws undone. However, the bottom of the shelves seem to be caulked or glued to the baseboard on the sides of the closet. I'll have to wait for DH to help me remove the baseboards so I can paint it to match the kitchen (also on my To Do list).

Tuesdays are Guys Night Out for DH so I'm home alone all day until late in the evening. Now that my household tasks are done for the day I can play with fabric and thread and not feel guilty!! Hooray!


Libby said...

Mondays are my normal laundry day . . . but it got pushed to Tuesday this week for some reason *s*
I don't think I've ever seen a real wringer machine in use. Grandma had a 'regular' agitator machine but never owned a dryer. Oh the smell of those clothes off the line *mmmm*

Bren said...

Everyday is laundry day here!! I really dislike laundry and make no secret of that.
Your tackle was a great one! Your new pantry will be wonderful. Make sure we see it. I am thinking of ways to spruce mine up! Maybe some pretty contact paper.
I too need to play with fabric....my summer swap piece is calling.

jewellery by erin said...

Awesome progress! Hopefully you guys can get those shelves pulled out without too much of a hassle. I can't wait to see what it looks like with the fresh paint.

Jessie said...

Good job on tackling those projects! I WISH we only did laundry once a week, LOL!

Candace said...

My DH and I bought one of the wringer washers when we were first married, and tried to use it in the kitchen sink. I did it a few times, but mostly went to the laundrymat. It was a real chore, and kind of scary putting things through the wringer.