Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do You Eat Breakfast?

It seems an innocent question - Do you eat breakfast? Some people do. Some people don't. Maybe a better question would be: Is breakfast important to you? In our house breakfast is as special to us as our dinner meal.

When DH is not traveling for work I always make breakfast for us. I am a morning person. He is not. On weekdays I make sure he gets a good breakfast before going to work. Actually we eat breakfast in bed on weekdays. Here is our breakfast tray ready for me to take into him. We share a bowl of cereal, toast or bagel, OJ for him, milk for me and coffee for each of us. Some days I will make a microwave breakfast bowl or waffles and bacon. After breakfast we make time to cuddle before we head into the shower to get ready for the day.
When he is traveling this is my usual breakfast. A banana, biscotti and coffee. Lately it's been iced coffee because it's been so hot. Today I tried something new for my iced coffee. I double brewed a pot of vanilla coffee. I added some cinnamon to the coffee before it was brewed. It smelled yummy! Then a small amount of sugar was put into the pitcher before the coffee was poured in and then put in the fridge. I also make ice cubes out of the coffee so when they melt in the coffee it doesn't get diluted.
Saturday mornings I've started baking something special. I think this week it will be blueberry muffins. I still have some blueberries left from last week's blueberry coffee cake.

Sunday mornings is DH's turn to make breakfast. His specialty is bacon, eggs, baked beans, and toast or bagels. Always a yummy breakfast.

When was the last time you shared breakfast with your family?


Nancy said...

I have cereal every morning. Unless we decide to go out to breakfast which rarely happens. DH won't eat breakfast in the morning, no matter what I offer, so we have breakfast for dinner at least once every two weeks. Bacon, ham, sausage, eggs, sausage gravy, biscuits....the works....I think it takes longer to make breakfast for dinner than any other dinner as you can't precook it....

Sandra said...

Move over in that bed - I'm coming over for breakfast!!

I'm not a morning person, so thats far too early in the a.m. for me to be cooking, hehe. On the weekends I sometimes whip up a batch of Caramel French Toast the night before, then pop it in the oven in the morning. On that day, judging by the smiles on their faces, I am The Best Mom In The World :)

And sometimes we have breakfast for supper :) Hubby thinks it's weird, but the kids love it!

Libby said...

For many years I thought I was 'too busy' to eat breakfast. I made sure The Princess started her day right, but that's where it ended. I finally came to my senses and began insisting that everyone start their day with a good meal. Weekdays it's usually some sort of 'healthy' flakes topped with homemade granola. The weekends are a whole different story. I love to fix breakfast and take pride in putting out a yummy variety. Breakfast for dinner is a fun treat that we often enjoy mid-week, when time is short and comfort is needed. Viva breakfast *s*

Candace said...

My DH and I eat breakfast together most mornings, but usually he eats cold cereal, and I am addicted to Cheerios breakfast bars. This morning he felt like poached eggs and toast, so he had that and I had toast. He is always very grateful when he gets a hot breakfast, so I guess I should make them more often. My favorite is hash browns and scrambled eggs, but a bit fattening to have very often. I never heard of baked beans for breakfast, is that a Maine thing.

Rose said...

I do not eat breakfast!!! bad i know, YET I insist, hubby and the kids do. I skip lunch too and then snack from mid afternoon onwards, its a really bad habit!!