Friday, June 27, 2008

I Got a brand new pair of roller skates . . .

You got brand new key . . . do you remember this song by Melanie in 1971?

I don't have brand new roller skates, but I do have a brand new key. And how appropriate that Lynette at Lynette Anderson Designs asked us about key rings. I had to get new house keys made for the condo management company and my son. While waiting for the clerk to make one key this Boston Red Sox key caught my eye. How could I walk away from it? So it came home with me, along with a New England Patriots key for DH. Here's the rest of my key chain. Can you tell I'm a sports fan? I've had the Minnesota Vikings key chain forever. The Patriots key chain I bought about 8 years ago.
I had a visitor on my doorstep this afternoon. Lucky for me he stayed in place while I grabbed my camera and took his photo.
I didn't have to do any more painting this week. DH said the bathroom can wait until we return. For now the pantry is prepped for the buildout. The dresser is cleaned so the mirror can be installed above it. Tomorrow we will make sure the bathroom is empty enough so the cabinet and towels bars can be installed.

Tomorrow afternoon DH and I leave for vacation. We are spending the night in Boston before flying to Vancouver, BC on Sunday morning. For the next two weeks I will be posting vacation stories. When we return I will be setting up a challenge, be sure to stay tuned.


Candace said...

Have a good trip. Looking forward to the stories.

Sandra said...

Pretty visitor! Have fun visiting Canada, eh! I haven't been to the west coast yet but it's on my To Visit list - we've already done the east coast (gorgeous) so west is next :)

I got a brand new pair of roller skates - you got a brand new key --- I think that we should get together and ... try them on to see *sings* - yep - I remember!

Darlene said...

Have a great trip, Paula. Hmmmm...??? A challenge...???? Interesting, can't wait.

Andi said...

Wow it is too bad I didn't know you were coming to Vancouver. That is where I live!!!!! I also love Lonsdale quay and the Granville market is a mecca for all who enjoy fresh produce, good organic food and wonderful local artists. We go down there at least once a month, because I love to walk along the boardwalk and watch the sailboats.